Clinical Psychologist
Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC)
Teacher Trainer

Dr Christine Brähler
MSC Intensive Berlin 2019

MSC Intensive Berlin 2019

MSC Teacher Festival 2018

MSC Teacher Festival 2018

MSC Teacher Training China 2016


Caring for This One

Find your own way to kindness by trying different MSC meditations. What is your access? Body? Words? Images? Breathing?

Mindful Self-Compassion

Amsterdam, 26-29 Sept 2019

Join MSC Teacher Trainers Mila de Koning and Christine Braehler for a non-residential intensive Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) Training.

Fierce Self-Compassion

Utrecht, 23rd Nov 2019

Self-compassion is more than soothing, nurturing and allowing suffering. Discover its power to protect, to stand up to harm and injustice and to foster wisdom in our innovative workshop. Read essay by Dr.Kristin Neff.


To Teach MSC

Get a flavour of  the 1st International MSC Teacher Festival, which I co-organised. Apply to take the first step: the 6-day Teacher Training.  In 2019/2020 I will be part of the Center for MSC Teams in the Netherlands in English, in Spain in Spanish, in Austria in German and in France in French.


Your Teaching Skills

Are you an MSC teacher? Would you like to feel more confident in your inquiry skills? Would you like to get coaching in a safe environment? Then join us in Germany or Spain.


Clinical Workshops

How to return to my compassionate self when I feel powerless or shamed by a client? How to repair a rupture, set boundaries and yet deepen my compassion? How to safely access compassion within an injured attachment system? Find answers in a workshop.


On Depression

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Braehler, C. & Neff, K. (in press). Self-Compassion in PTSD. In M.Tull & N. Kimbrel (Eds.) Emotion in PTSD. Elsevier.


On Psychosis

Braehler, C., Harper, J. & Gilbert, P. (2013). Compassion Focused Group Therapy for Recovery after Psychosis. In C. Steel (Ed.), Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Schizophrenia: Evidence Based Interventions and Future Directions (pp. 236-266). Chichester: Wiley.