Dr. Christine Braehler

Clinical Psychologist, Supervisor
& MSC Teacher Trainer
Self-Compassion in Psychotherapy
Board Member & International Coordinator,
Center for MSC


MSC Intensive Sweden 2015


MSC Teacher Training China 2016

MSC in Greece

Sept 23-29, 2018

Would you like to have a holiday in a tranquil, sunny and gorgeous location? Would you also love to learn to be kinder towards yourself? Join Mila de Koning and Christine Braehler for a gentle week of MSC training and deep rest and rejuvenation on Lefkada in Greece.

MSC in Vietnam

Jan 27 – Feb 4, 2018

The Center for MSC has teamed up with Global Engagment to offer the MSC training in Vietnam. By joining this program with Steve Hickman & Christine Braehler you will help sponsor the participation of local clinicians and learn about Vietnamese culture first-hand.

MSC on Holy Isle

May 23-28, 2017

On the West Coast of Scotland lies the Holy Isle, which has been a place of retreat and healing since the 5th century. Join Bal de Buitléar and Christine Braehler in this place of rugged natural beauty and peace for MSC training.


Caring for This One

Find your own gateway to kindness. Download and listen to free MSC meditations recorded by Christine Braehler. Or listen directly from your mobile phone via Insight Timer.


New Events 2017/2018

In 2009 Christine Braehler started to lecture internationally on self-compassion in psychotherapy. She continues to teach including joint workshops with Dr Chris Germer in Denmark, Austria, California.


Edited by Loizzo, Neale, Wolfe

A chapter by Christine Braehler & Chris Germer in this edited book invites colleagues to discover the transformative power of self-compassion as a transdiagnostic mechanism of change in psychotherapy.